Monday, 20 January 2014

The Effect of having the Supernatural in you

Acts 3:1-8. The Effect of Having the Supernatural in You. Desire spiritual things not just carnal.

From this portion, we shall see alot of things from which we can learn from.
1. The man lame from birth
2. The men that came with nothing physical
3. Understanding who you are
4. Desiring the right thing.

It is important that we see, that this man was lame from birth which inplies that he was limited from birth, not by his making but he just saw himself like that. It means that anyman that is limited, is always limited oftentimes by things he can't control. It is important that we see here that this man was always carried to the gate of the temple so as to receive alms from the people and did you notice that this man has been doing this right from his childhood and he continued till now that he was older, he has been taking alms from people but those alms did nothing to deal with this sitaution. Money profiteth not in the day of wrath Prov 11:4, hence his situation was not solved by money even though men have been giving him money all these whiles. The lord will help us to see that even if we gave money, it doesn't answer to all things that a man needs.
There were two men also going to the temple at the time that this man was there, they were apostles and had nothing montarily with them there, but they kept on going to the temple. Friends, this man saw them and asked them for this same thing that he has been receiving that has not healed him at all. It is important that we note that the Lord is looking forward for the time that we shall ask for the right thing from Him so that we shall be really blessed by God. Friends this man asked them for money when they had none with them.
They hadn't any money with them, but they knew they had something more than money and thank God they knew what they had. Friends, as the Lord helps us to come to the place where we shall know what we have with us. The Lord desires that we come to the place where we shall be bold with that which we have and make good use of it.
The apostled used their gifts well and they spoke to this man and commanded Him to rise to his feet. Friends until a man know what he has, he will be living in the darkness not knowing what God has prepared for him.
This man didn't know what he needed most, hence his asking amidst, thank God he asked the right people who gave him a right focus.
Believers authority cannot be over emphasised, hence we must be ready at all times to respond to God's dealings so that we will be useful as men that have obtained a stand with Him. These men had a stand with God that was why they used what He has placed in them to bring about deliverance to this man. May God help us to come to this point in Jesus name, amen.

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