Saturday, 18 January 2014


Man is always hungry, hungry for one thing or the other and the truth is that there are many things seeking for his attention, fronting as food, but they are no food at all.
The soul of man seeks enjoyment and pleasure more than anything. Man wants to be satisfied and rest content, but the truth is that he cannot do those things by himself. He seeks to find satisfaction in his actions and inactions, but all is null and void.
He seeks this thing in arts, entertainment, education, friendship, sex and all that, but the more he dives into this, the more the void widens and it leads him to desperation and often times to death.
But God is not perturbed. He is not disurbed because He alone has the answers. In Isaiah 55:1-2, the Lord gave a cry where He invited everyone to come and both eat and drink from Him free of charge. To come and receive His life that was lost in Eden from Him and that food (bread) and water is Christ for He is the BREAD OF LIFE AND RIVER OF LIVING WATER. As many as will come to Him, will receive that which their souls desire and they shall find rest for their souls.

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