Thursday, 3 September 2015

Index life

"And to Seth, to him also there was
born a son and he called his name
Enos. Then began men to call upon
the name of the Lord" Gene 4:26KJV

In Geology, there is what is called 'Index Fossils' (fossils are dead remains of plants and animals) and these are fossils that mark the end or beginning of a period of deposition of sediments in a formation and/or a basin. In the same way, in the Kingom of God, there are lives which are Index lives, which mark the end of oppression and corruption and beginning of what God wants to do in the lives of men. These are special people in all they do.
In 'calling the name of the LORD', we discovered that there was a time that the Lord's name was not called at all upon the face of the earth. It is possible that such a hiatus ( a time when the name of the Lord is not recorded in our lives) can be found in our history.
Adam gave birth to Seth when he was 130years, while Seth gave birth to Enos when he was 105 years, meaning that for 235 years, the name of the Lord was not mentioned at all, men didn't call upon the Lord's name, they didn't think it fit to call upon His name, His name made no sense at all to them, until a man came, a man was given birth to. He marked in his birth the end of forgetting the name of the Lord and the beginning of calling of same.
In our families, communities, nations, etc, there are several evil activities that are abounding around us, that need us to respond to the need of the hour, it is only a man that has been birthed by God, that will rise up against such occurance. Men that their lives shall be carriers or bearers of that which the Lord desires. We must really know, that darkness can cease in our families, offices, businesses etc, the moment we carry God's light into such places. Only then is a new date set, when a new date is set, the old is eroded.
Josiah was a man that restored the worship of God in the temple after many years that Amon shut the Temple. Men that restore such true worship of the Lord are 'index lives' because their lives make the era that God was exalted above all things.
In offices, schools, businesses, etc, corruption, death, stealing etc, have taken over. God is looking for men that will go there and bring about the needed change. Men that will be inert when what is not their own comes to them. Men that will mark the end of evil activities and beginning of righteousness, anywhere they find themselves. Index lives.
It doesn't matter how long evil has reigned in a life, family, school, community, office, nation etc, God is still able to raise a man
For Nigeria to be a better country and take her place in the commity of nations, index lives must arise, for 'righteousness exalts a nation', hence men of righeousness and holiness must rise up to take over offices and man the fort for the Master.
They mark the end of an evil order and the beginning of a righteous order. Index lives must arise.
Jesus is an Index life too. He mark the end of the reign of darkness. He is the end of the law, Rom 10:4 and He is the beginning of Righteousness and right living. Any man that will see Christ Jesus, will see an Index Life.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What this English lady worship God in Igbo Language I bu Chukwu Onye di mma:

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Being under Rules

He that is not under rules today, or doesn't bring himself under the rules laid down to guide him or her, would be ruled by others tomorrow. Rules are made, not because we are hated, but because we are to be guided. It is important we understand that for a man to be placed above others tomorrow, he must show himself faithful to those things set up already. The demands of the kingdom is some great that we can't take anything for granted, for when we do, we will be casuality on the way. The realm of the spirit is so big, that if you take those things casual, you would be killed,
Every leader, is a man that has learnt how to stick to rules, especially the laws of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

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