Thursday, 9 February 2017


One thing that everyone looks out for is affection, for that is what serves as a pointer that one is loved by another. Infact our generation seek to be loved and to be accepted, hence they are ready to do anything to get these things.

But how will you feel if you know that what you have been seeking for, has been willed to you even before you were born.

You see, love is proved by actions. What I do proves if I love somebody not necessarily what I say.

The questions before us now are these:-
~ Who loved us?
~ How did He love us?
~ How can I respond to this love?
~ What are the benefits of this love?

Who Loved Us:-
As human beings, it takes life to love us too. You see love is not something that merited oftentimes, but one just sees himself or herself loving another person and can't just explain why. The love of man to man can fade tomorrow, but you see there is one who is everlasting and does things after that order that loves us. He actually revealed this fact in His love letter to us. Let us hear Him.

       'The Lord appeared to us in the
         Past, saying : 'I have loved you
          With an everlasting love; I have
          drawn you with unfailing
          Kindness' Jere 31:3
        'For God so loved the world... ' John 3:16

Now, you can see that the love of God for your life is not in doubt at all. He has professed His love for you. He loves you and He desires that you know this. Do you really know the one that loves you? He is the owner of the universe and can go to any extent to prove it to you.

How Did He Love Us:-
As I said earlier, it takes action to prove that one loves the other. There must be something that we can hold unto and say the Father really loves us.
In the human family, God gave everything to the man Adam and Adam handed it over to Satan when he was deceived through the woman. Man was meant to remain to perpetual enmity with God which will lead to his ultimate death. Man had no saviour that can pay the price that will bring him back to God infact everything he did, made God angrier. But God did something, because He thoroughly loves us, He took it upon Himself to die on the cross. Did He do it when we were His friends? No. Let's sew it.

      'But God demonstrated His own love
       for us in this : while we were yet
        sinners, Christ died for us' Rom 5:8

You see, I call this 'the God kind of Love' which is inherited. Friends, God has proven that He loves you and you need to believe this.

How Can I Respond To This Love:-
There are different ways to respond to this.
1. Accept that He loves you. It means that I must accept what God did for me, that He loves me even though I am worthy of it. We need to accept God's word.
2. Love Him too. When a man accepts the love is God, he is to respond by loving the one that loves him too. Loving Him means living to please Him in all things. He just needs us to please Him.
3. Be Committed to Him. When I have accepted His love, I must also show commitment to Him and follow through in all that concern Him. That is the only way I can grow in His love.

What Are The Benefits Of His Love:-
There are benefits to follows us by virtue of His love.
1. We are free from the power of sin
2. We are no more slave to Satan and his hosts
3. We are no more slaves to fear and ignorance
4. We are part of the Family of God. We are now sons and can do those things that Jesus dis when He was in the world.
5. We can show forth the light to others without shame but with more grace.
6. We are partakers of the Divine Nature.

This love is something that can be yours today. Just bow your heart where you are and ask Jesus to come into your life and be your Lord and saviour.

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